About us

About DBWD

DBWD has evolved from a micro company with just one person (initially working from a tiny office under the stairs!) to a small team incorporating a great deal of talent and passion for the Internet. The DBWD team is made up of 6 people, with Design, Coding, SEO, Pay-per-click, Marketing and Business experience in abundance.

The company is headed up by Danny Barker, who started the company in 2003 and is the main point of contact at DBWD. The company originally went by Danny's full name, hence the www.dannybarker.co.uk domain name that is still used, but was changed to DBWD in 2009 as the company moved from a freelance structure to being a brand.

DBWD aim to offer a full design agency service at a fraction of the price, which allows small businesses to compete with much bigger competition that often have greater resources, advertising agencies and significant marketing budgets at their disposal.

Over the years we have helped many small businesses to grow. Most of these are still customers today as the partnerships we have developed have gone from strength to strength, which is evident on our testimonials page. We genuinely care about generating business for our clients which is why we never have and never will tie customers in to contracts. We know that we will bring in significant amounts of business for our customers and we have the portfolio of work to prove it!

A brief history

First logo

2003 - The company started trading as 'Danny Barker Design Company' offering website development and promotion.

2007 logo

2007 - A revised logo and the company takes on a new member of staff. Business grows on the back of some great SEO techniques and the Google Accreditation.

2009 logo

2009 - The freelancer style and branding that the company had is changed to DBWD, an abbreviation of Danny Barker Web Design. The company continues to grow and secures some marque clients.

2013 logo

2013 - A complete revamp of the brand, with a new logo, corporate styling and website. The company continues to retain and recruit customers, as the high standard of work is recognised.